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Marketing goals include some "musts" such as brand recognition, customer retention, acquiring new customers, generating sales or referrals and much more. Companies spend fortune trying to achieve these aims but at what cost? Sometimes it might feel as if Finance goals oppose Marketing goals… the easiest way to overcome this barrier is with some real numbers*: 90% of consumers recall the branding on promotional product they received, 80% recall the messaging and 70% recall the call to action. No wonder 70% of brands surveyed consider promotional products highly effective in achieving their marketing goals! So, now that your CFO is on board, all you need is the right product. You should know that the top 3 reasons consumers keep their gifted promotional products are: Fun, Functionality & Trendy. In that case a product that answers to all of the above would be a winner. The Powerbite emergency mobile battery is the best gift! It allows you to enjoy your phone time when you are out and about and are low on battery (more fun time) it is highly functional and it sure is trendy. It also looks really good with cool artwork – what will yours be? Contact us and we will help you with the creative. * PPAI 2014 Buyer Behavior Study


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