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Marketing people thrive on real statistics and insight. Here are some vital numbers from a 2019 consumer survey:

70% wish they received promotional products more often.

80% like receiving promotional products.

96% want to know ahead of time when companies offer promotional products.

And 100% say they are willing to go out of their way to get a promotional product. *

Plan strategies accordingly and get traffic into your business all year round.

If you need traffic now don't wait for special occasions – create the occasion by gifting clients. If they are willing to get out of their way to get the gift it sure sound like a special occasion to us :)

A note about knowing ahead of time about the gift: it's not always in your best interest. But while you don’t want to alert your competitors or get clients to delay orders until you have the gift, please remember clients may be offended if they learn the gift offer came out just after they purchased from you. A good solution may be to take these clients into consideration and send them their gift post purchase by mail – or use this opportunity to invite them to the closest branch to receive their well-earned gift (and use this opportunity to increase the sale).

Powerbite can be mailed to clients easily – this emergency mobile battery is small enough to be shipped at reasonable costs.

Powerbite is the perfect gift for active, on-the-go tech-smart people. When you're out and about sometimes you can't recharge your smartphone – when that happens you really want to carry Powerbite battery in your wallet or on your key chain. Powerbite is equipped with 3 ports, suitable for all major phone models.

Powerbite looks great with a specially printed message – what will it be?

Contact us and we will help you with the creative.

* 2019 Consumer Study, PPAI Research: The Influence of Promotional Products on Consumer Behavior study.


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